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Ask An Architect

Do you have a question about Architecture or construction that needs answering? Jeremy (the Architect) and Keith (the contractor) Olsen are here to give you the straight dope on all your questions about the built environment. We want to talk about our favorite subject-Architecture and building-and help our listening friends along the way.

Where's that music from?

May 9, 2011

In case your wondering where we got our show's theme music, it's written and performed by friend of the Podcast, Architect 25.  Check out his website and music at  

The music is an exerpt from from the song, "Just Like We All Do" on his soon-to-be-released album "Erratica" All his music sounds great, but we're excited to get this song as a sneak peak of things to come.  He has been a terrific supporter of our efforts, and we're grateful to have his talents contribute to our show.