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Ask An Architect

Do you have a question about Architecture or construction that needs answering? Jeremy (the Architect) and Keith (the contractor) Olsen are here to give you the straight dope on all your questions about the built environment. We want to talk about our favorite subject-Architecture and building-and help our listening friends along the way.

Jul 25, 2011

Jeremy and Keith answer questions on lightning protection and liens and argue about what stone countertop material is better in "which is better".  Best wishes and get well soon, Mrs. J!  

Jul 17, 2011

Keith and Jeremy solve all Joy's problems- what to do with a cast iron tub that needs an upgrade, and how keep those pesky leaves out of your gutters.  Jeremy explains how to hook up an emergency generator.   

Jul 8, 2011

Recording on location, Jeremy and Keith explain tub and shower mixing valves, pick their favorite wood glue, and wax poetic about subfloor preparation.  Anybody know where to get a forklift?