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Ask An Architect

Do you have a question about Architecture or construction that needs answering? Jeremy (the Architect) and Keith (the contractor) Olsen are here to give you the straight dope on all your questions about the built environment. We want to talk about our favorite subject-Architecture and building-and help our listening friends along the way.

How do I ask a question???

Apr 17, 2011

We have not yet figured out the best way to have people submit questions.  In the meantime, please ask a question by posting a comment to this blog post.   Any question will do.  Bring it! 

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almost twelve years ago

Hi Mimika,

We will tackle your question we we next record. Look out for an answer in about a week.

Mimika Vabko
almost twelve years ago

I am planning a kitchen remodel within the next year. What features should I look for in cabinets to ensure that they survive the abuse of a 6 year old and look great for many years? I know you usually don't endorse specific manufacturers, but are there any that you can recommend I consider.

I am also torn whether to have the remodeled kitchen have a hardwood floor to match the rest of the house or to go with ceramic tile. Both are better than what is there now, but I cannot decide which way to go.


over twelve years ago

Hi Robert. Thanks for the great question. We will tackle it during our next session, scheduled for next weds night and post the recording the weekend of the 30th
The Management

over twelve years ago

I guess an additional question is what should I be asking roofers? Building is around 100 yrs, parapet is deteriorating. - Thanks, R.

over twelve years ago

I live in a typical Chicago six flat. Our roof is about 20 years old and has a few problems. We have done a test cut to learn a little bit about the roof’s history and discovered that the original roof is there under at least four or five more layers. Consequently there is no insulation under on the roof membrane. I’ve been above the ceiling on the top floor and there is a thick layer of rockwool but only in the areas where the ceilings were lowered and the original plaster lath is still intact. This leaves several rooms with no insulation in the ceiling. The interstitial space is also vented to the exterior with two very small vents built into the brick coursing. Is it better to remove all the rockwool and insulate the entire ceiling, place insulation under the new roof which is imminent in our future, or both?

twelve and a half years ago

how to repair squeaking floor boards or what causes squeaking floor boards