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Ask An Architect

Do you have a question about Architecture or construction that needs answering? Jeremy (the Architect) and Keith (the contractor) Olsen are here to give you the straight dope on all your questions about the built environment. We want to talk about our favorite subject-Architecture and building-and help our listening friends along the way.

Feb 25, 2012

Jeremy and Keith explain why they avoid taping drywall themselves, what the differences are in drywall taping compounds and explain what a Level 5 finish (shout out to the gypsum assoication).  Listen and enjoy while your hanging drywall. 

tom livings
almost eleven years ago

just stumbled on your site. Someone asked me yesterday "how easy would it be to create a green roof on a typical chicago residential flat roof house?" The question came up during a conversation about retro-fitting existing housing stock to be greener (which is of course the greenest building type of all).